Donald B. Myer

Briar Wood Romance

Watercolor, gouache, color pencil, and graphite, 19”x 14”

Pre-Raphaelite artists depicted tangled vines in many ‘romantic’ scenes, including the Briar Wood painting by Edward Burne-Jones. A pomegranate, surrounded by a thorny tangle symbolizes resurrection from man’s relics of bygone civilization.

© Donald B. Myer, 2011


Watercolor, Gouache, & Color Pencil, 19”x 14”

Symbolizing life, death, resurrection, birth, fertility, marriage, and prosperity, the pomegranate was rich in Judeo-Christian lore. Daniel Gabriel Rossetti’s 1874 painting, Proserpine shows the daughter of Demeter, the Mother of Crops, contemplating the pomegranate with its amazing powers. 
© Donal B. Myer, 2010

Pot of Basil - Isabella & Lorenzo

Watercolor, gouache, color pencil, and ink, 19”x 14”

“Fair Isabel, poor simple Isabel” as published by John Keats in 1820, took the head of her murdered lover, Lorenzo, and “...calmed its wild hair with a golden comb......for its tomb did choose a garden pot....and o’er it set Sweet Basil, which her tears kept ever wet.” This scene was captured by William Holman Hunt in his painting, Isabella and the Pot of Basil. 

© Donald B. Myer, 2010

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