Small Works

Studio 155 artists painted 4"x 4" plant idioms. Our very own Elizabeth Ward Carter constructed an accordion book and incorporated these small works. Here is her description of this little treasure:

The book is a 5 3/4" square 10 page accordion structure.  It was made with black Fabriano Murillo paper, black book cloth and paste paper for the end papers. The closure is a glass bead with black satin ribbon. Each four inch square work of art is mounted with archival photo mounts. The work is displayed on both sides of a page so that when open the book has art on both sides. 

See a slideshow of our Small Works

See if you can match the painting to the idiom. Answers are provided below.

  1. Apple of His Eye - watercolor on paper
  2. Driving a Lemon - watercolor, ink and colored pencil 
  3. Come up Smelling like a Rose - colored pencil on paper 
  4. Life is a Bowl of Cherries - watercolor on paper 
  5. Fresh as a Daisy - watercolor on paper 
  6. Plant Colors - watercolor on paper 
  7. One Bad Apple Spoils the Bunch - watercolor on paper 
  8. Don’t Gild the Lily - oil and gold leaf on canvas
  9. Skinny as a String Bean - gouache with 23Kt gilding on paper  
  10. Shrinking Violet - watercolor and acrylic on paper 
  11. Two Peas in a Pod - watercolor and pencil on paper 
  12. Withering on the Vine - watercolor and colored pencil on paper 
  13. Wallflower - watercolor on paper 
  14. Rotten to the Core - oil on paper 
  15. Sour Grapes - colored pencil on paper 
  16. Every Rose has a Thorn - watercolor on paper 
  17. Peaches and Cream - gouache on paper 


Betsy Kelly


 Debbie Bankert

 Don B. Myer

 Eileen Malone-Brown

 Elizabeth Ward Carter

 Ellen Tuttle

 Eva-Maria Ruhl

 Jan Denton

 Jill M. Hodgson

 Juliana Weihe

 Kappy Prosch

 Michael Rawson

 Neena Birch

 Roberta Bernstein

S.M. Wilson

 Vicki Malone

Wendy W. Cortesi

1.  b
2.  n
3.  m
4. e
5.  h
6.  q
7.  i
8.  a
9.  d
10. p
11. c
12. k
13. l
14. g
15. f
16. j
17. o