Michael Rawson

White Oaks

oil on panel, 24"X18"

Oaks since the time of the Druids have been venerated, representing strength and endurance. The white oak, Quercus albas is the State tree of Maryland. John Everett Millais used a hollow oak tree to hide a Royalist in his painting, The Proscribed Royalist, 1651.

© Michael Rawson, 2011

Leaves and acorns of the white oaks,
graphite on paper, 11x14

© Michael Rawson, 2011

American Holly

oil on panel, 10"X8"

The Holly has come to symbolize the holiday season. The American Holly, Ilex opaca, is the State tree of Delaware.

© Michael Rawson, 2011
Leaves and berries of the American Holly
graphite on paper, 16"X14"

© Michael Rawson, 2005

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